2 Days Tour - Dambulla- Minneriya NP Safari - Sigiriya

On our 2-day tour you will get to know some of Sri Lanka's highlights. In the early morning you will be picked up by our German or English-speaking tour guide / driver from your hotel and the trip goes to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. In Dambulla you visit the famous cave temples with the impressive paintings and Buddha statues. From here you can take a clear view of the rock of Sigiriya, which is on your program the next day. Then we drive to your overnight hotel. You have some time to freshen up after a ride, for a lunch or a dip in the pool. Around 02:00 pm we go to the safari in the Minneriya or Kaudulla National Park. These small national parks are best known for their elephants, which come to the lakes in the afternoon and graze there. But other animals can be seen, such as crocodiles, the giant chipmunk, red deer and many birds. Enjoy the beautiful landscape with the expanses around the lake, the enchanted bamboo forest and much more. Back at the hotel, you can round off the day with a delicious dinner.

After an early breakfast, head to the nearby Lion Rock of Sigiriya. During a guided tour you will learn more about the architecture of the square, the history and history of this former royal seat with the impressive mural paintings of the Cloud Girls. The climb is rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view over the landscape. importance of this site and Buddhism. Drive Back to your Hotel.

Day Tour - Singharaja Rainforest

In the early morning you will be picked up from your hotel by our German or English-speaking tour guide / driver. The drive goes through the interior of Sri Lanka, past rice fields and small villages. Arriving at Singharaja Rainforest, with a knowledgeable guide (English speaking - our tour guide translates as needed) take a 3-hour round trip (northern part) or 5-hour hike to the Lions Head (southern part) through the Singharaja Rainforest. This tropical lowland rainforest is the last of Sri Lanka's primeval forests and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be amazed by the diverse flora and fauna with many endemic plants and animals in the Singharaja Rainforest.

Return to your hotel.

Day Tour - Whales watching & Galle

Very early in the morning our German or English-speaking tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and your journey will take you to the south of the island to Mirissa. The whale watching boat will start between 6:30 and 7:00 am and with a bit of luck * you will see the first dolphins and whales after 10 nautical miles. The marine mammals can be observed well off the southern coast near Mirissa. They come to give birth to their calves in the warm waters off Sri Lanka. The deep sea where the whales live is only a few kilometers away from the south coast. It is even believed that the blue-whale herd, which is frequently sighted, is constantly in Sri Lanka's coast. So, it does not take a long drive to discover the marine mammals. Also because of the calm sea the animals can be seen here very well. The whale season extends on the south coast from December to April. In addition to dolphins, and killer whales, it is above all the blue whales that make the whale watching tours an impressive natural experience. Blue whales are the largest animals in the world, with a length of more than30 meters and a weight of up to 200 tons. They breathe in about every ten minutes, then disappear, often with a majestic fin beat, back into the depths of the ocean.

After returning the boat you will drive along the coast to Galle, where our tour guide will show you the Dutch Fort of Galle. The fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is still inhabited today and is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Asia. Enjoy the tour past the eyewitnesses of the eventful history of this place.

Return to your hotel.

Day Tour - Colombo

Colombo offers more than you would expect at first glance.

In the morning, our German or English-speaking guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive along the coast road to Colombo - Sri Lanka's main metropolis. A lively city, with a bustle of tuc-tucs, cars, people, but also suddenly and unexpectedly places of peace and quiet, awaits you. On the city tour / walk you can see the historic buildings from the Dutch and English colonial era. On the traditional York Street, you walk to the harbor. Then we continue to Pettah, the bazaar area with the small shops in the gold, spice or fabric streets. Watch the sunset at Galle Face Green, where people from Colombo meet for a walk in the evening.

Drive Back to your Hotel.

Bentota 1 or 2 day with the Car or Tuk Tuk

In the morning, our German or English-speaking tour guide, / driver will pick you up from your hotel with the air-conditioned Tuk Tuk (also available for an extra charge) and drive you along the coast south to Bentota. First, they get to know the famous Bentota River (Bentota Ganga) with its mangrove during a river cruise. With a little luck you will see white-tailed eagles circling in the sky, many different birds, tree frogs, monitor lizards and in the mangrove forest one or the other crocodile. A little further south you will visit a turtle project in Kosgoda and learn more about the commitment of the animal rights activists who are watching over the big sea turtles of Sri Lanka and the small paddlers in the first days make a good start into life. On the way back is the visit of the Kande Vihara in Aluthgama on your program. Not only the big Buddha statue is worth seeing, also the juxtaposition of Buddhist and Hindu elements is very interesting.

Drive Back to your Hotel.

Day Tour - Galle

In the morning our German or English-speaking guide will pick you up from your hotel and we will go to Galle. First, a detailed city tour in the "old bile", the Dutch Fort on the program and then you have some time to stroll through the small streets with the boutiques and galleries. Along the southwest coast it goes to Hikkaduwa. In the former hippiebade place you have the possibility for lunch. After lunch Drive to a moonstone mine Hikkaduwa. Here you will learn about the traditional search for precious and semiprecious stones and you can see in the grinding shop how the stones are processed. In the Mask Museum of Ambalangoda you will learn about the customs of the shamans who are still active today. On the nearby Bentota River, you will take a river cruise through the mangroves. Explore the wildlife along the river.

Return to your hotel.

Day Tour - Sigiriya & Dambulla

Early in the morning our German or English-speaking guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive north to the impressive rock fortress Sigiriya. The Lion Rock was an invincible castle and later a monastic refuge. The palace complex of Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built on a 200m high monolith. The complex consists of water gardens, a rock overhang with the frescoes of the "Wolkenmädchen", a 1000-year-old mirror wall with graffiti of early visitors and a pair of huge stone lion paws, remains of a lion's gate leading to the palace. Let yourself be inspired by the history and the history around the builder King Kassapa. Then, as a reward for the ascent, you will have a delicious lunch and drive either to the cave temples of Dambulla, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can find many interesting things to do with Buddhism or, after Pinnawala, to the elephant orphanage for the cozy thicket skins.

Return to your hotel.

Day Tour - Pinnawala & Kandy

Very early in the morning, our German or English-speaking guide will pick you up from the hotel and drive you through the areas of the pineapple plantations, the potters and the "cashew women" with a photo stop at the Bibles Rock to Kandy, the last capital of the Sinhalese kingdom. Kande building rate (kingdom on the hills) awaits you the Sri Daladaa Maaligawa tooth temple, Sri Lanka's most important sanctuary. Our tour guide will not only explain the sights to you on a guided tour, but also tell you about Buddhism. Afterwards visit the Royal Botanical Garden of Peradeniya. The Botanical Garden was created in the 14th century as a royal pleasure garden and houses a number of rare, exotic plants and trees. Also beautiful is the Orchid House, where more than 300 different species of colorful orchids are bred. Afterwards we drive to Pinnawala to the elephant orphanage where you visit the pretty Sri Lankan elves. At the orphanage you can watch the little elephants being fed with the milk bottle and the herds plastering tons of food before the bathing fun begins in the Mahaweli River. For elephants there is nothing better than eating nothing but swimming and playing with water.

Return to your hotel.

Day Tour - Udawalawe

In the morning at about 04:00 clock it starts from your hotel. You drive with our German-speaking tour guide inland to the Udawalawe National Park. Once there, the ranger awaits you for a jeep safari over canyon and over rock, on sand and gravel roads in the national park. The park is located about 200km southeast of Colombo and in a dry zone and is famous, especially for its many elephants (about 400 animals). It is not unusual to see whole herds of adult and young animals eating, bathing and playing in the water. In the Udawalawe National Park there are numerous species of birds, water buffalo, monitor lizards, sambar deer, monkeys and now and then leopards. The park also has its own "elephant orphanage", the Elephant Transit Home, where the "little ones" are fed the milk bottle several times a day until they are old enough to be released into the national park. Your return journey will take you through Rathnapura * (Singh City of Jewels), the capital of Sabaragamuwa Province. Sapphires, rubies and other gems are still found here in the earth. They visit a small mine and see how the luck is sought under the most difficult conditions. In a small gem museum, you can admire some beautiful pieces. It is said that King Solomon already received gemstones from Rathnapura for his lady of the family, the Queen of Sheba.

Return to your hotel.

Day Tour - Adams Peak

For several centuries, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims have made a pilgrimage to the small monastery on Adams Peak. Sri Pada (sacred footprint), as the 5th highest mountain in Sri Lanka in the national language, connects the most diverse religions. If you ask the Christians and Muslims, Adam put his foot on the earth after his expulsion from paradise for the first time. In the Buddhist faith, Buddha left his footprint on the way to Paradise, and among the Hindus, who call the mountain Samanala Kande, the butterfly mountain, he is the place where the butterflies come from to die. A place full of magic in Sri Lanka and once you have reached the summit and experienced the sunrise, this will be confirmed.

You leave in the evening (mid-December to mid-May) from your hotel and after a short break in Dalhousie they get up at 2 o'clock at night with the other pilgrims. The climb (mostly stairs) takes about 3.5 hours. After the breathtaking sunrise and the visit of the footprint, it goes down to the valley, where you can massage your tired feet (not incl.). Return by the tea plantations with stop (on request) in a tea factory to the hotel.

We offer this excursion only during the pilgrim season from December to May.

Cookery Demonstrations

A trip to the realm of the senses. In the morning we pick you up with the Tuk Tuk and go shopping together at the market. Get to know all the exotic vegetables and fruits. Then you drive to a Sinhala family and cook together a delicious Rice & Curry dish for lunch. Of course, there is also much to know about spices and you can try out in the production of coconut milk and much more. Afterwards, you will dine in good company and learn about Sri Lanka's family structures and everyday life. Good Appetite.

Drive in Tuk Tuk, Market visit, cooking class, Having lunch, German speaking tour guide